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Financing 101 at GSSC (and lots of fun acronyms)

Columbia University has 4 undergraduate schools:
BC Barnard College
CC Columbia College
GS School of General Studies
SEAS The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science

Each of those schools has their own student council:
CCSC Columbia College Student Council
ESC Engineering Student Council
GSSC General Studies Student Council (aka Da Best Council)
SGA Student Government Association (Barnard)

At the end of the Spring Semester, those 4 schools get together for two days at an event called:
F@CU Funding at Columbia University. It is used to facilitate, support, and enrich student development in the form of student activities of campus. FaCU strives to support student development on campus, through fair and transparent allocation of the Student Activities Fee, based upon the needs of each student group.

Things to keep in mind:
CCSC operating budget: $226 (student life fees) × 4,504 (number of students) = $1,017,904
ESC operating budget: $216 (student life fees) x 1585 (number of students) = $342,360
SGA operating budget: $220 (student life fees) x 2,462 (number of students) = $541,507
GSSC operating budget: $196 (student life fees) x 1800 (number of students) = $353, 535

All 4 Schools put in a set amount of funding and those go to the 6 student group governing boards and Bacchanal (which then gets allocated into each individual recognized student group):
ABC Activities Board at Columbia. Governing board in charge of clubs/groups that maximize student organizational community.
SGB Student Governing Board.
CSGB Club Sports Governing Board
GBB Governing Board at Barnard
CI Community Impact.
IGC Inter-Greek Council.
Bacchanal A springtime celebration on the Columbia campus.

The funds also go into special accounts that the 4 VPFs oversee as extra funding for our student groups:
CIF Capital Investments Fund.
Fund that addresses needs for large scale overhauls of equipment or supplies.
JCCC Joint Council for Co-sponsorships Committee. Fund that helps groups with new programming that wasn’t accounted for in the group’s yearly allocation, travel funds and emergencies

There are also a couple of other funds that we share between the 4 schools:
Senior Week A week long event before graduation that includes a Gala, Cruise, BBQ and Beach Day.
Securities Columbia charges student groups for events that would need some sort of security. We hold on to a fund to pay for that (so that student groups don’t have to worry about that, when it comes to working with their allocation).
Facilities Columbia charges student groups for using certain facilities. So anytime there is a clean up or rooms in Lerner where they set up (even basic setups) are charged to student groups. Same principle as Securities.

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A Few Words About Us

The purpose of the General Studies Student Council (GSSC) of Columbia University is to represent the undergraduate population of the School of General Studies by pursuing academic, political, social, and administrative initiatives.

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