Elections, Appointments, and Succession

The GSSC shall hold annual elections during the spring semester, open to the entire student body of GS.
Non-elected voting positions, and positions which become vacant, will be filled by appointment.
Should a position of Class President become vacant, the Class Vice President shall succeed to the office of Class President.
Should the Student Body President become unable or ineligible to perform his or her duties, the line of succession to the office of the Student Body President shall be as follows: the Vice President of Policy, the Vice President of Finance, the Vice President of Communications, the Vice President of Student Events.


Any member of GSSC who is found to be in violation of the Code of Conduct, gross negligence of duties, attendance policies as stated in Article III, section b, and/or malfeasance of any kind will be subject to impeachment.
Any Executive Board member may initiate impeachment proceedings. In order for impeachment proceedings to commence, each Executive board member must receive a brief report from the Student Body President explicitly stating the wrongful actions on the part of the member in question. The member in question has the right to submit a rebuttal report. Both reports must be distributed to the full council prior to impeaching proceedings.
Once the reports have been reviewed, impeachment proceedings will take place during the council’s next scheduled meeting. The member in question has the right to be present for all discussion and will be given an opportunity to defend him- or herself to the full council. A secret ballot will then be taken. If there is a 3/4 majority consensus, the member will be dismissed from office.
Alternatively, a member may choose to resign from office prior to the Removal from Office meeting.
A member cannot be impeached twice for the same occurrence of a particular violation.
Impeachment results are final and are not subject to appeal.

A Few Words About Us

The purpose of the General Studies Student Council (GSSC) of Columbia University is to represent the undergraduate population of the School of General Studies by pursuing academic, political, social, and administrative initiatives.

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