Elizabeth Heyman - President

Jade Le-Cascarino - VP of Campus Life

Justin Lean - VP of Communications

Dalitso Nkhoma - VP of Finance

Michael Neier - VP of Policy

Dennis Zhao - Chief Campus Life Representative

Claudia Lobenthal - Chief Communications Representative

Matt Kotek - Chief Financial Representative

Valentin Saitarli - Chief Policy Representative

Jin Han - Senior Class President

Claudia Lobenthal - Chief Communications Representative

Anthony Salamone - First Year Class President

Piragathesh - First Year Representative

Hannah Germond - Alumni Affairs Representative

Javier Mendez - Veteran Students Representative

Matt Quek - International Students Representative

Tyler Bechard - Community Service Representative

Vida Biggins - Multicultural Affairs Representative

Pierce Levine - Wellness Representative

Timothy Wang - Four Council Representative

Brett Krasner - JTS Representative

Tonya Vander - Social Media Representative

Yilin Sun - Comptroller

Katharine Celentano - GS University Senator

SiLin Huang - Student Services Representative

Ramond Curtis - Academic Affairs Representative

Kim Rebetti - Social Chair

A Few Words About Us

The purpose of the General Studies Student Council (GSSC) of Columbia University is to represent the undergraduate population of the School of General Studies by pursuing academic, political, social, and administrative initiatives.

Get in Touch with Us

Address: Satow Conference Room, Tuesdays 7:45-9:00 pm

E-mail: GSSCCommunications@columbia.edu

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